Introducing a More Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient Die Casting Machine

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 4, 2021  - 

Imagine having the option to turn on and off your die casting hydraulic pump motor instead of having it continuously running. What would that mean to your overall energy consumption and the environmental footprint of your factory? 

Shibaura Machine’s die casting machines with energy-saving servo motors have improved upon the old hydraulic pump induction motor set up found on traditional die casting machines. Our servo motor die casting machines are designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers looking to improve energy efficiency. 

What Makes Servo Motors More Energy Efficient?

First consider the traditional die casting machines. They are designed with an induction motor on the hydraulic pump, relying on the oil pump motor as the power source of the system. There are several downsides to this:

  • The motor is always running which means energy is being used 24/7 
  • The hydraulic pressure and oil volume are solely controlled by the PQ valve 
  • Constant CO2 emissions are created with this method

Shibaura Machine offers the option to replace the PQ valve and induction motor with an updated, energy efficient technology- the servo motor. The innovative servo motor has the ability to be turned on and off and closed-loop control to eliminate overflow loss. With this design, the hydraulics are constantly giving feedback to the servo motor when more pressure is required. The servo motor in turn, delivers pressure on demand- only when needed. This results in an approximate 40% power savings and reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the traditional die casting machines with induction motors. The power consumption reduction rate varies depending on the cycle time and machine specifications.

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