Shibaura Machine’s New Smart Factory Highlights IoT Solutions Paired With All-Electric Injection Molding Technology

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 27, 2021 - Shibaura Machine will be launching its new Smart Factory with an open house at their Elk Grove Village, Illinois tech center in the Fall, 2021. This manufacturing cell will further support customers to fully leverage the potential of their SXIII series all-electric machines and V70 controller while showcasing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The Smart Factory will highlight not only what is possible today, but also what Shibaura Machine is working towards making possible in collaboration with customers for the future. 

The Smart Factory features a completely automated operation, exhibiting three all-electric machines producing a touch screen stylus, USB stylus holder, and stylus case. The manufacturing cell includes machine mounted take-out robots feeding each component to a central automation system and from there items are assembled and placed within a case. The three machines featured are:

  • EC85SXIIIV70-2Y (83 Tons / 5.1oz)             
  • EC200SXIIIV70-U34-6Y (198 Tons / 7.3oz)                               
  • EC250SXIIIV70-U48-8Y – 2 Shot Machine (254 Tons / Primary 10.3oz, Secondary 2.08oz)

Experience Full Machine Potential

The focus of the Smart Factory is to not only help customers improve efficiency and productivity, but highlight new possibilities of the machines and technology in order to strengthen competitiveness. The entire process of the three machine cell will produce a two-material stylus for touch screens, a USB holder, and a case, all while highlighting several technologies and partnerships. These include:

  • SXIII series all-electric machines with V70 controllers (3 models featured)
  • Two-shot machine configuration on the EC250SXIII, using an E-Multi EM2-80SC-25 secondary injection unit
  • Star Automation robots integrated into the V70 controller on all three molding machines 
  • Matsui mold temperature controllers and dryer integrated into the V70 controller on all three molding machines
  • All tooling designed and manufactured by Phoenix Proto Technologies (Centerville, Michigan)
  • All assembly automation designed and manufactured by EPF Automation (Milan, Italy)
  • 6-axis robot and support provided by TM Robotics (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)

The Future of Injection Molding

Striving to create greater value through co-creation with our customers has brought us to utilize the latest IoT (Internet of Things) Industry 4.0 technology. The Smart Factory will highlight a new cloud based IoT system utilizing analytics to deliver superior manufacturing. This allows for access to machine processing and production data via the cloud, along with remote services, diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and access to the machine controller from anywhere, anytime. With these capabilities, shops can track OEE to make better data-driven decisions to minimize unplanned downtime and increase efficiency. 

Contact us today at to schedule your visit to our new Smart Factory to leverage your machine’s full potential and look towards the future of manufacturing with IoT.


Contact us today to learn more about our all-electric technology and IoT solutions!

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