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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, April 13, 2021 - 

Having a partner that has your back when it comes to your machine tool investment is what Shibaura Machine provides.

Machine tools that aren’t operating at peak efficiency and productivity means the factory is missing out on profits and potentially meeting customer commitments. Shibaura Machine understands the vital role the machine tool plays in our customers business growth. That is why our customer support and on site service teams are dedicated to empowering our machine tool customers to minimize downtime, improve efficiency and grow to meet their own customer demands. 

Support & Service You Can Count On

With over 25,000 machines installed in the Americas over the past 47 years, Shibaura Machine has built a business on not only offering durable and reliable machines, but providing consistent and quality support in servicing them. 

Our service department knows that service can’t wait. That is why we have a team of technicians averaging  25 years of expertise and offer full time support through our toll-free phone number.  This ensures customers are able to get the answers they need when they need them to improve machine operations. 

Extending the service life of your machine and optimizing performance is the highest priority for our customer support team. Here are highlights to the service team and programs we currently offer.

  • Start-up service to ensure proper installation and on-site operator training.
  • On site service technicians nationwide to quickly come to your location for repairs or maintenance. 
  • Service experts who get the job done right the first time to quickly get you back up and running at peak efficiency.
  • Over-the-phone full time support is available for you to connect with our technical support experts when it comes to urgent questions and troubleshooting.
  • Continuing education opportunities with our experienced instructors at your location to keep your employees well versed in safety, maintenance, operation, programming and process. 
  • Older machine retrofit and upgrade services to ensure all generations of our machines are operating at peak performance to support your investment. Our unsurpassed dedication to comprehensive engineering and service support includes: after-hours technical support to key industrial sectors, factory-trained engineers on staff, and contract & preventative maintenance support agreements.

Submit a Service Request Now

We realize time is money when it comes to your machine tool performance. That is why as your partner we make it easy to connect with our customer support team. You can now submit online service requests or call us directly at (888) 593-1616.

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