Experience High Precision Machining with Shibaura Machine Nano “Micro Machining”

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 14, 2021 - 

How are you keeping your customers coming back? 

These are just some questions our customers are faced with everyday. New challenges are emerging as customer demands and innovative technology continues to grow. High precision machining offers a competitive edge that can be fairly easily incorporated into your workflow to embrace the changes in the precision manufacturing landscape.

At its most basic, high precision machining is about accurately removing excess material from a workpiece. This could include workpieces that are used to manufacture highly accurate automotive lens’, plastic injection molds, or the latest mobile phone technology. The finished product needs to be created to extremely close tolerances in order to meet very exacting specifications.

Improve Quality and Cost

Shibaura High Precision Machining Center UVM series Nano Processing System pairs high speed and high quality machining together. This machine helps to lower running costs and offers significant improvement of the machining quality compared to conventional machines. 

The key to this machine's success is within its components and ultimately matched capabilities.  Here are a few of the Shibaura machine's capabilities that should always be considered when selecting a precision machine for micro machining.

  • 60k RPM air bearing spindle with a combination of high spindle speed and low heat generation
  • Linear motor axes technology allowing high precision contouring machining without the constraints of mechanical axes drive systems
  • Thermal stabilizing systems to improve thermal stability and minimize thermal distortion
  • Latest CNC control technology to support high speed and accuracy machining
  • High speed micro-pattern machining system
  • UVM – TSA machine process technology to improve customer productivity
  • High precision rotary and indexing table options
  • Automatic tool changer to support machining operations

The design of the UVM series Nano Processing System makes it easy to reduce error and waste, but provide the necessary consistent quality, faster workflows for higher returns. 

Learn More About High Precision Machining

Shibaura Machine is a continually recognized worldwide leader in high precision machining, with experience dating back 145 years. Whether you are looking for a way to increase your profit margin or grow your customer base, high precision machining is an excellent option. Contact our machine tool team to learn more about the UVM series Nano Processing System and how your factory can benefit. Contact our machine tool team to learn more at MT-Sales@shibaura-machine.com.

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