Shibaura Machine Makes Transitioning from Manual to CNC Machining Simple

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 3, 2021 - 

Transitioning from a manual machine control to a CNC machine can prove challenging even for the most experienced machinist. However, the access CNC gives to new markets through its capabilities to offer longer runs and produce more complex parts can be extremely beneficial to increase sales and profitability. So the question is, how can you overcome the learning curve in order to get an immediate return on investment?

Shibaura Machine’s team took a thoughtful approach to this common problem during development of the TOSNUC 999 CNC controller. With the TOSNUC 999, machinists both experienced and new can benefit from the “teach function” capability. Developed as a way to easily transition machinists from manual machine control to CNC machining, it assists in the development of the part program or can be used as a teaching tool for beginner machine operators and programmers by reducing the learning curve of the machine functionality. This allows users to build confidence, minimize errors, and get into production quickly. 

How the CNC Teach Function Works

The goal of the TOSNUC 999 teach function is to offer a fast and cost-effective way to train users in order to quickly increase productivity. By selecting this function via the soft key from each basic menu, it creates a part program by continuously storing the data of MDI operation or manual operation in the NC internal memory. The operation executed by the operator can then be programmed automatically.

The teaching mode is executed in the following manner when each operation mode is selected:

  • Manual mode: Data of manual operation is translated into the NC data and stored in the NC internal memory.
  • MDI mode: Data of MDI operation is stored in the NC internal memory.
  • Auto mode:  Data of operation is not stored in the NC internal memory, but rather data of operation created in the MANUAL or MDI teaching mode are copied and pasted before the execution of an NC program. In the AUTO mode the execution position of the NC program can be changed by the search function or ready editing functionality.

The transition to CNC machining doesn’t have to be complex. Shibaura Machine’s TOSNUC 999 teach function provides its users an ideal training experience alongside the benefits of immediate increases in productivity. Learn more about the capability of the teach function on the TOSNUC 999 CNC control on the full line of Shibaura Machine Horizontal Table type and Planer style boring mills series models BTD, BTH and BP.

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