High Performance Turning Machines: Uncomplicated, Efficient, Cost-Effective

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 10, 2021 - 

For many machine shops it might feel like you are producing parts just fine with your existing equipment. To a certain extent, you are. But in order to gain an advantage, manufacturers must reemphasize profitability in the operations. Production must become faster, with high regard for precision, to demonstrate economic viability.

Enter, high-performance machining. High-performance machining (HPM) allows for a slew of newfound benefits ranging from lowering cost per part, to increasing tool life and the flexibility to meet customer demands while growing your business. Shibaura Machine offers an extensive line of HPM Vertical Turning Machines with table diameters from 1000mm to 6000mm to maximize performance and ensure accurate workpieces.

Spotlight on TUE(S) series 

Engineered to meet the high demands of the automotive, aerospace, energy and construction and mining industries, these high performance vertical turning machines by Shibaura Machine offer a significant improvement in efficiency and process reliability. The machines were developed with a wall type single casting column design with integrated cross rail to ensure precision machining.  The S series also included a 3000rpm live spindle for milling applications.

The TUE(S) machine offers a variety of features that will help manufacturers increase their workload while increasing metal removal rates and improving tool life and part quality. The hybrid way system with large diameter ball screws provide precision and high speed with heavy cutting, while the table design allows high speed and heavy cutting- accommodating table loads up to 33,000lbs on the TUE-200(S) series. 

Both milling and turning applications are made easier with the TUE(S) series. The tool changing feature accepts both turning and milling tool holders and a standard 50 taper tooling interface provides heavy cutting capability on both milling and turning applications.

Additional features include:

  • Bed casting with efficient chip management flow
  • Full contouring table with turning rpms up to 400rpm on the TUE-150(S) series
  • X axes linear scale for cross rail positional accuracy
  • FANUC 0i-TF advanced control is standard
  • Partial chip management
  • Large swing full enclosure with mist collection system – optional
  • Tool and workpiece probe systems – optional

The TUE(S) series is offered in 1000, 1500 and 2000mm diameter size tables.

Consider the Possibilities

The TUE(S) series of high performance turning machines by Shibaura Machine offers a wide range of production possibilities. Contact Shibaura Machine America and learn how we define High Performance Vertical Turning Machine. MT-Sales@shibaura-machine.com

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