Optimize Metal Removal Rates with a High Efficiency Machining Strategy

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 23, 2021 - 

Efficiency is a key advantage when it comes to being a competitive shop. In addition the ability to provide speed and precision with a machine from Shibaura Machine is a huge advantage when attempting to maximize Metal Removal Rates (MRR) in even the most difficult to machine materials in today’s market. 

Whether you are competing for jobs in the aerospace, medical, automotive, semi-conductor or industrial market a High Efficiency Milling (HEM) machining strategy is worth consideration. The HEM strategy is accomplished by increasing the axial depth of cut and reducing radial depth of the cut, utilization of smaller diameter tools with increased number of flutes, and running at higher spindle speeds and feed rates. By following the HEM strategy your machining process will show significantly higher Metal Removal Rates (MRR).

Does a HEM Machining Strategy Make Sense for Your Shop?

While removing metal quickly is important, your shop also needs to ensure accuracy. Consider the shape and complexity of the part, machine capabilities, part features and programming, among other factors when it comes to deciding on the best strategy for increasing productivity. To capitalize on a HEM strategy you will want to consider the following attributes of implementation when compared against a conventional machining strategy:

  • CNC Control will need a higher processor speed to handle significantly more lines of program data
  • End mills with higher number of flutes
  • Higher quality tool holders with tighter Total Indicated Reading (TIR) should be considered
  • Rigid workpiece fixture design with strategic fixture clamp locations
  • Machining technique with smaller tool radial stepover will need to be implemented
  • CAM system with a dynamic tool path option to support HEM

HEM offers an optimized High-Speed and High-Efficiency Machining strategy that will continue to grow in popularity and create a true competitive advantage for shops that are able to implement it at appropriate times. Let our team help you implement a HEM machining strategy on your next Shibaura Milling Machine.

Contact the CNC Machine Tool team to learn more at MT-Sales@shibaura-machine.com.

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