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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 31, 2021 - 

Every industry comes with its own set of unique manufacturing requirements. Whether it be complex shapes, large part sizes, or the use of exotic metals, having partners that provide specific solutions to meet those challenges is important for enabling growth forward. That is why Shibaura Machine is proud to have developed a partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software to provide customers with innovative solutions that maximize manufacturing productivity, service, and maintenance.

This partnership has allowed Shibaura Machine to participate in Siemens Realize Live events. These events allow our team to be on the front line of innovation, while assisting our customers to be at the front line of productivity. Partners and customers alike gain insight into how to adopt digital product development methodologies and technologies including project management, tool cost management, engineering process management, manufacturing and production machine performance engineering, and more so that they are positioned for success. 

With the pandemic altering customer expectations, the Siemens Realize Live events focus on ways to optimize CNC manufacturing productivity through digitalization. Through the digitization process, machines, auxiliary equipment, and the users of it are connected through one single system. This not only helps reduce time to market, but improves quality and reduces costs. Bringing the Siemens PLM community together with peers and partners to discuss new solutions that offer digitalization in order to accelerate innovation, progress, and technology are key themes throughout the event. 

The Siemens partnership allows Shibaura Machine to be at the forefront of these discussions and deliver solutions to customers that shorten production development times, enable flexibility, and identify the best processing strategy for an optimal CNC program through innovative technology. The Realize Live events provide an excellent source of information beyond the Siemens software, offering insight to reach the next level of innovation in order to improve quality, enhance productivity and reduce costs moving forward by connecting the people who use it every day.

Contact Shibaura Machine America Application Engineering to learn more. MT-Tech@shibaura-machine.com.


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