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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, January 12, 2022 - 

Improving production cycle times is a top shop goal to achieve this year. Conversational and/or shop floor programming software has quickly become a popular option to help meet these goals. Without knowing G-code, machinists can efficiently create part programs and speed up production processing utilizing this form of programming.

Shibaura Machine has integrated Fanuc Manual Guide i to allow machinists to easily generate programs on their CNC machine control. In a matter of minutes, machinists are guided through the machine process with a series of built in data prompts allowing them to quickly generate an accurate program. 

Easier Part Design for All Skill Levels

Manual Guide i allows for a fast solution that all skill levels can master for drawing part designs directly on the machine’s control unit. Those without programming knowledge will appreciate the graphical interface with user-friendly icons to allow for part program creation in a few interactive steps on one CNC screen and the ability to potentially transition into G-code. 

In a short matter of time any machinist can be taught to use Manual Guide i.

Improved Part Production

Even for some complex machining processes, users can produce highly efficient results with the self-explanatory menus and graphic simulations guide. Based on the ISO code format, it displays all relevant information. 

A quick overview of the process to create a program:

  1. Create and name a new program
  2. Set initial conditions and input material blank size
  3. Insert cutting conditions and define shape geometry
  4. Check your programs easily with program check

From development to drawing to production, this innovative programming creates an improvement on part production.

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Contact our Machine Tools sales department to learn more about the ways in which utilizing Manual Guide i can help you efficiently create simple part programs and speed up your production processing time.


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