Why High-Volume Coolant Provides a Cutting Advantage for Machine Tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 28, 2022 - 

Coolants play an important role in machining. Reducing the amount of heat and friction when your tool point is cutting into a workpiece means it allows for higher cutting speeds and reduced tool wear. 

At lower volumes, the coolant is not able to as effectively remove chips from the cutting area. This can mean a possibility of re-cutting chips and having a negative impact on the part’s surface finish. 

The effect the coolant provides can be enhanced in many cases with high-volume delivery. With high-value machine tools delivering higher spindle speeds and improved workpiece tolerancing, a higher volume coolant allows manufacturers to achieve maximum performance with better cutting capabilities.

Cutting Benefits of High-Volume Coolant

Using a high-volume coolant strategy will allow manufacturers to reduce cost-per-part, while also measurably improving productivity. 

Manufacturers recognize several cutting benefits associated with higher volume coolant:

  • With a higher volume of coolant flowing, chips are more easily flushed away from the cutting area.
  • The chip conveyor can more easily remove the chips from the machine. 
  • Increased cutting speed in tough-to-cut materials such as titanium and nickel alloys.

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Incorporating a high-volume coolant system provides the ideal advantage when applied properly to the tool cutting zone. Getting the greatest cutting benefits from high-volume coolant requires a thorough understanding of the cutting application to make sure the higher volume of coolant is delivered with the precise flow and pressure. For this reason, Shibaura Machine provides several machine tools that offer higher volume of coolant which allows us to serve customers with difficult machining applications. 

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