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  • BM 1000Q
  • BM 1000Q Spindle
  • BM 1000Q Spindle Specs
  • BM 1000Q Pallet
  • BM 1000Q Pallet Changer
  • BM 1000Q Tool Measuring Device
  • BM 1000Q Oerator Door
  • BM 1000Q TOSNUC PX200

BM-1000Q Horizontal Machining Center
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Horizontal Machining Center BM Series Machine

This advanced machine also brings together the speed of a horizontal machining center with the capability of a horizontal boring mill through the integral W axes quill spindle.


X Stroke - US Standard (in)


Y Stroke - US Standard (in)


Spindle RPM US

39.4 x 39.4

Pallet Size (WxL) - US Standard (in)


Max Load - US Standard (lbs)

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X Stroke inch(mm) 70.9 (1800)
Y Stroke inch(mm) 63.0 (1600)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 63.0 (1600)
W Stroke inch(mm) 11.8 (300)
Spindle (RPM) 6000
Pallet size inch(mm) 39.4 x 39.4 (1000 x 1000)
Max. load lbs(kg) 6615 (3000)
ATC Tool Pod 60
Control TOSNUC PX200

High speed 6000 RPM quill spindle

High speed 6000 RPM quill spindle

Dia. 7.9in (200mm) heavy duty W-axis quill spindle

Improved accessibility of the spindle to workpieces by strong Dia. 7.9in (200mm) quill feeding.
Achieved heavy duty cutting with high torque of the best in class

45kW (50%) high power spindle (Optional)

45kW (50%) high power spindle (Optional)

2 pallet rotary shuttle type APC system

With the adoption of a rotary shuttle type APC, setup of large workpieces has improved

1574 inch/min (40m/min) feed rate on X, Y and Z axes

1574 inch/min (40m/min) feed rate on X, Y and Z axes

Twin drive ball screw mechanism Y-axis

Powerfully supporting high speed, high precision, responsiveness and high rigidity machining with a twin drive ball screw mechanism

Full contouring B-axis rotary table

Full contouring B-axis rotary table

Newest CNC controller TOSNUC PX200

Electro-mechanical integrated CNC for professional use (field) made by machinery manufacturer